September 20, 2023

There has been a consistent buzz about the MERN stack among web app developers. What is it? If you have plans on starting your own business and presenting it through an intuitive web app, you might be keen on using the best tech stack available out there.

Even the proficient experts believe hiring a mern stack developer can result in getting you an outstanding web app to improve your business conversions. But how? As a budding business owner, it is evident for you to seek more information on the MERN stack and what are the reasons for its popularity.

So, keeping your curiosity in mind, let’s dive deeper into the logic and implementation aspects of the MERN stack and determine the reasons for its popularity.

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What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a technology stack popularly used in web development approaches. It combines the technology components such as Node.js, React, Express.js and MongoDB. ReactJS is the reason why MERN attained impeccable popularity.

Around 40% of business owners wish to develop their web apps with ReactJS. It is because UI creation and site management are made easier with the React component, which further enhances the website’s performance.

React, over time, has gained immense momentum in the web development fraternity. And when it is integrated with Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB, the MERN stack as a whole becomes highly developer-friendly and customizable.

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The MERN stack is ideally recommended for workflow management, social media and news aggregator platforms. To give you a general idea of the popularity of MERN full stack, popular web apps such as Uber and Netflix are built over it.

How Does MERN Stack Work?

MERN architecture enables you to construct a three-tier architecture, including front-end, back-end and database. All of it will be with the use of JSON and JavaScript. It uses ReactJS for the front end, the top tier for creating dynamic applications on the client side in HTML.

With it, you will be able to create complex interfaces by using simple components. And then, you will be able to connect those interfaces and components to the data on a back-end server. Following this, they will be rendered as HTML.

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In the next, the server tier is made up of Node.js and Express.js. To be precise, Express.js is the server-side framework running within the Node.js server. Express accounts for being the fast and minimalist web development framework for Node. There are powerful models with Express.js for supporting URL routing or handling HTTP responses & requests.

Finally, if your app stores any form of data such as content, uploads, events, profiles or others, you need a database to store all that. And that’s how MongoDB comes to implementation. It is easier to use the database, just like you did with React, Express or Node.

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The JSON documents that were created in the front end by React.js will be sent to the Express.js server. Here, the documents will be processed and then stored in MongoDB for being retrieved later.

What are the Reasons for MERN Stack’s Popularity?

The feasibility of development that the MERN stack provides is the key to its popularity. But here are some of the other reasons that contribute to its overall demand:

1. Easy to Learn & Use

A mern stack developer finds it easy to learn and use for easy and complex web development projects. It is a full-stack solution that depends on only one language, JavaScript. JS is the most commonly used coding language in the entire world.

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The developers have the liberty to program the entire web app by using JS alone. Thus, this is what makes the MERN stack an easier tech stack to learn and master in comparison to other options in the development world.

2. Popularity Among Renowned Brands

A lot of high-profile brands have relied on the MERN stack for developing their web apps, which has contributed immensely to its popularity on a global scale. For instance, the MERN stack is being used by companies such as Walmart, Instagram, Airbnb, UberEats and Netflix.

As large and globally renowned brands are using it as their specific technology solution, the reputation graph increases for the MERN stack among web developers around the world. There are many case studies for them to prove the functionality, dependability and versatility of the MERN stack.

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3. Cost-effective and Highly Efficient

The biggest reason for the MERN stack to be a successful consideration for web app development is its cost-effectiveness for outstanding functionalities. It is a developer-friendly technology stack that is highly customizable. The coders can create a web app very efficiently and quickly.

Moreover, as the entire tech stack consists of open-source JS solutions, relying on it would be cost-effective as well. Thus, you won’t have to spend much on implementing MERN full stack but will still get a powerful output.

4. Well-Supported Technology Stack

The community of MERN stack users is very big, where just the ReactJS community itself comes in to support the integration of MERN across web apps. Sites like GitHub, Stack Overflow and others come together to build a thriving community that continues to offer valuable support to the developers.

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Any kind of React or other component-related problems are discussed in these communities, where members with answers give out resolutions. In this way, MERN stack development gets ample support from proficient experts from all over the world, much more than any other technology stack.

Bottom Line

Just like any other tech stack, the MERN stack also provides users with an option to build web apps that have dynamic interfaces. It is outstandingly popular, and every MERN stack developer knows it won’t be extinct anytime soon in the future. Therefore, budding business owners are encouraged to use the MERN stack as their preferred technology stack for quality development.

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With this, you have the opportunity to either use all the components in combination or individually, depending on what the development project demands. Thus, using MERN, you can be sure of making your business more flexible and scalable. Building top-notch applications has been made easier with the MERN stack.



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